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Hide and Shriek

By Tim Kelly

“Hide and Shriek” is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc., a Concord Theatricals Company


June Hunger for is being hounded by Edwina Hyde, a dangerous young woman who is convinced June has stolen the man she loves. Desperate, June heads for the hills, where she encounters a bizarre hillbilly family. They take her in because she looks exactly like Daisy Belle, a relative who has disappeared. Daisy Belle gets a quarterly check from a law firm that always insists on seeing her in person. June agrees to impersonate Daisy Belle because she mistakenly believes she has murdered a man. Then there’s the matter of sixty thousand dollars hidden somewhere. Finally Daisy Belle comes home and Edwina shows up. Watch what happens when two Daisy Belles and Edwina meet! And where did Daisy Belle hide that sixty thousand dollars? The over-the-top action, chills and thrills, and hysterically funny dialogue never stop!